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If you are the perinatal and postnatal period and are experiencing symptoms of increased sadness, frustration, and anxiety, it's important to take maternal mental health seriously. It's vital to know that there are resources and support available to you, and that you are not alone. Don't hesitate to seek help if you're struggling with your mental health during pregnancy or after giving birth. It's common to experience emotional ups and downs during this time, but don't let it go untreated. Speak to your healthcare provider or a mental health professional to discuss your concerns. Remember, taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health, and it's important for both you and your baby's well-being.

Perinatal Mental Health Support Resources | Perinatal Support Washington Peer Support Warm Line: call or text toll-free at 1-888-404-7763. They also have a Parent Resilience Program which is free and available to you if you live in King County. There are additional resources by county if you live in Pierce, Whatcom, Cowlitz, Klickitat, Yakima, Snohomish, Clallam, or Okanogan County. They also have free parent handouts available for anyone.

Postpartum Support International - PSI Call or text the helpline at 1-800-944-4773. There are online support groups and resources for Moms, Dads, Partners and Families, Queer and Trans Parents, Military Families, Postpartum Psychosis, Loss and Grief, and Adoptive and Birth Mothers. Furthermore, if you are looking for higher acuity care there are resources for where to find Intensive Treatment in the US.

Resources for You | ACOG The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists offers free educational resources for patients which can be accessed by clicking this link.

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