I treat a broad range of symptoms and diagnoses, but here are some of my specialties...

I can help you learn to manage your ADHD as an adult with or without medications. I have a personal interest in helping those who struggle with keeping a job due to disorganization, time-management issues, and not meeting project deadlines. I can help students adjust to college life, the increased workload and social demands. If you struggle with task completion, have been getting speeding & parking tickets due to lack of focus, getting to your appointments on time, sitting through work meetings, or losing things, I can help you.


If you have high anxiety and struggle with symptoms on a daily basis, due to constant worrying about work stress or social situations, I can help you develop the skills to calm your body, ground yourself, and think rationally. We can work together to get through your fears of the unknown and situations that seem out of your control.

Anxiety or Fears

If you struggle with insecurities and low confidence, I can help you explore childhood trauma or relationship trauma in a safe setting. I help clients through building new foundations set in self-compassion, self-respect, and self-love. I am a strong believer and have seen excellent results using affirmations and positive psychology.

Body Image and Self-Esteem

If you're looking at transitioning to a new job or starting a new career, are lacking direction or motivation, or looking for added support in leaving a toxic work environment, we can work together to help you through your difficult transition.

Career Counseling

If you struggle with saying "no" to a loved one, prioritizing your self-care, making decisions on your own, or have trouble maintaining boundaries, I can help you explore your history and maladaptive attachment patterns, be confident and establish your identity, and help you take control of your destiny (cheesy I know, but truly, destiny is all!).

Codependency and Self-Care

Do you find yourself unable to get out of bed, monotone in conversations, crying all the time, isolating yourself, apathetic and not caring about things that used to make you passionate? If you struggle with a continuous state of overlying gloom or periods of depression due to a specific circumstance, I can help you find the motivation and support you need to find purpose and a newfound zest for life.


Have you lost a loved one or a pet? Is it recent or have you been grieving for years, unable to find happiness or the ability to move forward? Are you unable to cry or process the loss, or are you frequently crying and have no desire or the energy to go to work? Are you fearful of moving forward and forgetting your loved one entirely? Are you afraid or feel guilty finding happiness again? There are many ways that people experience and express grief and bereavement, and I can help meet you where you are at and support you in moving forward.

Loss or Grief

I help clients who have never tried medication and are looking for additional support, starting new medications and managing adverse effects. However, if you are looking for help in reducing your medications or in tapering off of an antidepressant or benzodiazepines, I can help you safely manage this. I understand that every person is different and may respond differently to medications. If you are looking for someone who will listen and help you get to where you need to be, please reach out to me for a consult.

Medication Management

Are you trying to quit smoking, chewing tobacco, or hitting that vape? Does smoking calm you down when the stress gets to be too much, or are you constantly counting down until your next smoke break? Do you need to have surgery soon but will only qualify if you quit smoking? Nicotine is extremely addictive, and I understand the complexities of quitting something that has provided you with relief in times of stress. We can work together to find healthier coping mechanisms to the underlying cause, and incorporate different supplements, mind-body exercises, and smoking cessation products and strategies to help you quit your smoking habit.

Smoking Cessation

Are you so stressed that your sleep schedule is irregular (if any), you feel emotional exhaustion, drained and like your life source has been severely depleted? If so, you may be experiencing signs of burnout. Are you expending energy at home and in the workplace or in school, and life does not give you reprieve? Are you looking for a safe place to vent your frustrations? I can help you manage your obligations, prioritize self-care, and support you during this difficult and demanding time.


Are you facing difficulties in making the decision to have children or dealing with the emotional challenges of infertility or the trauma of a miscarriage? Are you experiencing hardship at work where your boss or coworker undermines you solely because you are a woman? Are you struggling to balance managing your household and children while also finding time to take care of yourself? I am here to provide you with the support and empowerment you need as a woman, and help you find stability and strength in your life.

Women's Issues